To Horror & Thriller Readers… Or, Not!

Here’s an audio to which you may desire to listen, whether ‘horror’ & ‘thriller’ are your preferred genres; or, and especially, if they  are your preferred genres to AVOID:

It’s 28+ minutes; LISTEN, it’s at:



CORRECTION: “oppression” is spelt as within the quotation marks; not ONE p.. sorry!

AND, WATCH these… for inspiration:

“Ain’t NO ‘sidewalk chalk’ campaign, here, IS there…?”



To the ‘religious’ :

“Yeah, [shrug] sorry; no one ever showed up to the TENT meetings which you authorized (or, OPPRESSED for) us to oversee. For, whilst you were away, recruiting others, all of your would-be future ‘subscribers’ came to attend your “recruitment ceremony”, and were DISMAYED at your BLATANT tactics. ALSO, they’ve returned to your headquarters to WITHDRAW their ‘support’ of your [clears throat] ‘ministry’; we suppose that THIS was DUE to your COMPLETE lack of obedience to the SYSTEMS in place UNDER our feet to which Our Creator had ALREADY given His approval of by way of a “Very Good” ALL 6 days of its Creation, BEFORE He cast out of His “heaven” ALL 1/3 of His Own angels, in whose midst you OBVIOUSLY are! Good DAY, sirs! [low bows].”

  • hunkering DOWN into Earth will NOT ‘get you to Heaven’ today; but, NEITHER will it DRAG you to any Lake Of Fire in THIS Century!
  •  “Good Luck to The Meek; but, NOT SO MUCH to those who AREN’T!”



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I’m writing a new PLAY!

I’ll work on it herein; PLEASE copy & expound upon it, and affix my name unto it!

“Cotton Juneaux Wood of Alpine, TX”

Zeus (in soliloquy): “The tiny voice within me asks, ‘Why would I not give love to you to bestow upon them? You live among them, do you not? Why would I give love to you to have you wait until your arrival in another town to demand that you begin practicing that love? Does it not all come from Me?’ So, my forehead wrinkles, and I begin to tax my brain with that which comes only from the spirit realm.”

[grin, shrug]

“You know… like the missionaries crossed the ENTIRE Atlantic Ocean to TEACH us how to do… right?”


A Rapture & Renaissance!

Should you discover a naked person nearby, clothe them, feed them, house them, get them a job – NEVER ask their story; for they’ve JUST escaped victimizers! They don’t know that they’ve just come through a portal, of sorts.

[sorry] You cannot take it WITH you; but, your knowledge remains. Start again, plan better!


“You’re WELCOME!”

can you just QUIT, yet???!

Why Jesus MUST ‘ rescue the lost ‘…

they’re HIS #victims , lost BECAUSE they acquiesced to being coerced & guilt-tripped into CONVERTING to Christianity in the first place WHEN they could have simply been pleased with HOW they were innocently made, and WHOM they had the original potential to become, as INDIVIDUAL, disparate (separate, unique) children of only OUR One God, Kronos!

Peter denies Jesus STILL!

I was JFK; I AM still Zeus… (shrug)

#christianity #christianitytoday #catholic #kindnessmatters #shame #livid



I’m neither your competition nor your God… just an example. Become your individual BEST!

if i need to add more, you ain’t gonna walk away “cherishing words”…??

downloaded to “Must Read” list



obama compares trump with oj Simpson
thank you, sir

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still NOT going… swamp gas lightens my poor head, so…
(“WHAT! I ‘m doing #commercials, now?”)

[rubs thumb & first TWO forefingers] 
(a visual, although rather VAGUE)
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“Are you SERIOUS!??”

(clears throat) “Forever After hasn’t STARTED yet? I’ve gotta go!! [slams phone].

“JUST come up to the house.. “, her voice crackles into your earpiece. “I think… (stammering) I think I love you!” (click).

You climb the ascent only to discover an entourage of 27 of her friends, ALL wielding knives – ONE, a newspaper pup reporter who’s gonna, later, INVENT a story to disclose to police investigation once your corpse is discovered.

[aside, wryly] “YEAH! I trust humans…” [  @Cotton361 ]

“Invent, for them, a dream…”, He charged, before changing Himself into some form of bear, and retiring to an island which NO human shall EVER interrupt!

” Hey..!” called I, after Him. “Grant to me YOUR practiced technology! For I desire to ABANDON them, as well!”

The bear laughed to Himself, turning His head, to call after Himself, “You’re CUTE, boy; but, THAT’S not My will…”.

[grinning shyly, to humankind, wincing]

Bumblebee radio station: “Happy to be STUCK with you…”.

“Hello? 9-1-1? HELP! I’m drowning in CUTE humans! Yes, I’ll hold… JUST hurry!”

Q: “Have ANY of you, a beartrap wrench?”

A: “NOPE!”
“THIS IS MY SON; HEAR HIM!”, inserted He.

Go ahead! ASK within yourself; I’ll wait out here!

* I go through it ALL, for ALL of YOU!

it’s now  night; YET, I can ONLY look forward to 7am, when I can buy MORE beer, to FORGET that YOU ever existed! “El DIOS esta un oso”!

Chapter Three: ” Geronimo Evicts the Greedy English ” Subtitle: Shakespeare Divorces Romeo & Juliet. “NEXT time, ask God! He’s WITHIN us.”

“SUBMIT to no person; but to the dirt beneath your feet upon which you’ve graciously been alloted to live.”

You’ll NEVER interrupt MY conversation with our creator if you ask Him, within YOU; it’s only when you ask ME that said conversation is interrupted… (shrug).

“PSST!” [waving you aside] “Honesty is a better policy; but, not the ONLY option?”

From “Burning Bush…”

Just CLICK here!

To My Future ‘THUG’ Lovers…

NEVER even believe that you CAN lie to me; because I’ll be the VERY FIRST to throw your LYING butt UNDER the NEXT ‘bus’ that comes to town. But, your cousin’s CUTE; send him to me AFTER your arrest, IDIOT!


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