To Horror & Thriller Readers… Or, Not!

Here’s an audio to which you may desire to listen, whether ‘horror’ & ‘thriller’ are your preferred genres; or, and especially, if they  are your preferred genres to AVOID:

It’s 28+ minutes; LISTEN, it’s at:



CORRECTION: “oppression” is spelt as within the quotation marks; not ONE p.. sorry!

AND, WATCH these… for inspiration:

“Ain’t NO ‘sidewalk chalk’ campaign, here, IS there…?”



To the ‘religious’ :

“Yeah, [shrug] sorry; no one ever showed up to the TENT meetings which you authorized (or, OPPRESSED for) us to oversee. For, whilst you were away, recruiting others, all of your would-be future ‘subscribers’ came to attend your “recruitment ceremony”, and were DISMAYED at your BLATANT tactics. ALSO, they’ve returned to your headquarters to WITHDRAW their ‘support’ of your [clears throat] ‘ministry’; we suppose that THIS was DUE to your COMPLETE lack of obedience to the SYSTEMS in place UNDER our feet to which Our Creator had ALREADY given His approval of by way of a “Very Good” ALL 6 days of its Creation, BEFORE He cast out of His “heaven” ALL 1/3 of His Own angels, in whose midst you OBVIOUSLY are! Good DAY, sirs! [low bows].”

  • hunkering DOWN into Earth will NOT ‘get you to Heaven’ today; but, NEITHER will it DRAG you to any Lake Of Fire in THIS Century!
  •  “Good Luck to The Meek; but, NOT SO MUCH to those who AREN’T!”



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“Cotton Juneaux Wood of Alpine, TX”

Zeus (in soliloquy): “The tiny voice within me asks, ‘Why would I not give love to you to bestow upon them? You live among them, do you not? Why would I give love to you to have you wait until your arrival in another town to demand that you begin practicing that love? Does it not all come from Me?’ So, my forehead wrinkles, and I begin to tax my brain with that which comes only from the spirit realm.”

[grin, shrug]

“You know… like the missionaries crossed the ENTIRE Atlantic Ocean to TEACH us how to do… right?”


The Super-Serenity Prayer

“God, grant me the irrefutable INNER peace and reclusive, exclusive, one-on-one relationship that a child has with You even BEFORE grown-ups REALIZE that we even will EXIST!

GRANT me, once more, the capacity to DREAM as Your children dream, WITHOUT the experience OR knowledge that JEALOUS adults will try to TALK Your children OUT of the INNOCENT dreams which You CONTINUALLY grant unto us, BOTH in silence and BEHIND the backs of ALL who claim that they are ALSO Your children!

GRANT me the complete and total absence of the KNOWLEDGE that SUCH religious WOLVES seek to TEAR my innocent hide, AS WELL AS hiding ME from their awareness that I exist, ever HAVE existed, OR ever WILL exist!


why SO dystopian?!!

‘Our’ side refuses to boast, specifically, of their atrocities, allowing victims to present near-factual acts of war committed against them as science fiction, for ‘our’ entertainment [forehead wrinkles]. Yet, we already know the fate of The Red Man, The Burmese, The Nation of India, The Pacific Islanders, and countless others; so, why does ‘our’ side continue to thump their book of poison for riches with which our creator has not blessed them, instead provoking them to jealousy by blessing other nations, other peoples? Why do our soldiers’ victims continue to acquiesce to that foul mindset? To that supposed religion?

still here


MINDSET: age 15, a 9th grader

Armed with ALL the answers I have EVER needed – even since BEFORE I’d heard of that nonsensical “sweet, happy Jesus” religion – I prayed a prayer to the BEST God I always knew:

“Let me feel the way I feel now (no one wonders what I’m doing, where I am, or with whom I might be talking) for The Rest of this life You’ve granted unto me.”

His ANSWER: “You’ll need for your identification to reflect that you’re OLD enough to purchase tobacco and alcohol, right? Just allow your body to age, because THIS feeling you’re enjoying is INNOCENCE; it has NOTHING to do with AGE! It’s an experience of YOURS which you may recall at ANY time you wish henceforth. This is YOUR life; you’re RESPONSIBLE for no one ELSE! If you have children, they’re MY children. Teach them to FIND Me within themselves, then leave them to Me… “

They Heard, They No LISTENED!

As we bid farewell to our former oppressors, we stand in awe of the great tolerance which our creator (that TINY voice of Inner Peace within each of us, His unfallen children) has had these billions of years for those whom He CAST from His heaven into The Material Realm to walk among us. They’ve not learned humility, excellence, innocence nor any of His other granted gifts which we cannot fathom ANYONE could ignore or refuse to learn – but they have refused.

To return His children to our former neanderthal INNOCENCE, there will be a sort of rapture, not of The Innocents – but of our former oppressors!

They’ll GO to no reward; they’ll NOT be FOREVERMORE punished. They’ll SIMPLY, one GLAD day (once they’re forgotten by both us & Him), never have existed in the FIRST place. We’ll FORGET obediently, for He has PROMISED Himself – through the prophet Isaiah – “and their sins I will REMEMBER no more!”. To forget SIN, it’s easiest to forget those who have proven themselves to be OBVIOUSLY so addicted TO it.

Humans weren’t CAST from heaven; we BEGAN here, and therefore NEED no salvation.

… oh, there MAY be more…

#pride #DeskOfJFK


For T who refuses to read... 

His abs, his thighs, his cute little Buckwheat dreds
His cheek, his jaw, the way he wears his threads
But he now faced a thing he'd never before met: to escape what he knew, or search out a new pet.
He tossed, he turned, he laughed at friends' jokes
He werked deals, and he even sold smokes

Zeus, acoustic

to hide amongst humankind is the easy part; letting them know WHY they’re incorrect is tougher.

Wastes Of Time

They spent so much of OUR time,
dropping names, inventing fears
designed to CONVINCE us that Jesus was lord of anything

Yet, here I am, Lord of The Dead & of The Unborn
With no one asking OR believing me.

JFK is dead; sadly, there WERE no survivors of MY/his assassination! Time will go on; however, there are names you'll no longer discuss.

Poetry & Lotion

His abs so right, his shirt on the floor
He's smells so nice as he gets the door
We'd drank, we'd smoked
We giggled, and playfully poked

Now WHAT?!!

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