“Are you SERIOUS!??”

(clears throat) “Forever After hasn’t STARTED yet? I’ve gotta go!! [slams phone].

“JUST come up to the house.. “, her voice crackles into your earpiece. “I think… (stammering) I think I love you!” (click).

You climb the ascent only to discover an entourage of 27 of her friends, ALL wielding knives – ONE, a newspaper pup reporter who’s gonna, later, INVENT a story to disclose to police investigation once your corpse is discovered.

[aside, wryly] “YEAH! I trust humans…” [ paypal.me  @Cotton361 ]

“Invent, for them, a dream…”, He charged, before changing Himself into some form of bear, and retiring to an island which NO human shall EVER interrupt!

” Hey..!” called I, after Him. “Grant to me YOUR practiced technology! For I desire to ABANDON them, as well!”

The bear laughed to Himself, turning His head, to call after Himself, “You’re CUTE, boy; but, THAT’S not My will…”.

[grinning shyly, to humankind, wincing]

Bumblebee radio station: “Happy to be STUCK with you…”.

“Hello? 9-1-1? HELP! I’m drowning in CUTE humans! Yes, I’ll hold… JUST hurry!”

Q: “Have ANY of you, a beartrap wrench?”

A: “NOPE!”
“THIS IS MY SON; HEAR HIM!”, inserted He.

Go ahead! ASK within yourself; I’ll wait out here!

* I go through it ALL, for ALL of YOU!

it’s now  night; YET, I can ONLY look forward to 7am, when I can buy MORE beer, to FORGET that YOU ever existed! “El DIOS esta un oso”!

Chapter Three: ” Geronimo Evicts the Greedy English ” Subtitle: Shakespeare Divorces Romeo & Juliet. “NEXT time, ask God! He’s WITHIN us.”

“SUBMIT to no person; but to the dirt beneath your feet upon which you’ve graciously been alloted to live.”

You’ll NEVER interrupt MY conversation with our creator if you ask Him, within YOU; it’s only when you ask ME that said conversation is interrupted… (shrug).

“PSST!” [waving you aside] “Honesty is a better policy; but, not the ONLY option?”

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