Why Jesus MUST ‘ rescue the lost ‘…

they’re HIS #victims , lost BECAUSE they acquiesced to being coerced & guilt-tripped into CONVERTING to Christianity in the first place WHEN they could have simply been pleased with HOW they were innocently made, and WHOM they had the original potential to become, as INDIVIDUAL, disparate (separate, unique) children of only OUR One God, Kronos!

Peter denies Jesus STILL!

I was JFK; I AM still Zeus… (shrug)

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To Her Majesty Of England…

“Bobby Downy Jr. Kennedy: Isn’t it someone ELSE’S turn to ‘hold coats’ during the NEXT stoning of Steven? Can we QUIT ‘this’ PRACTICE already??!!! THANKS!”


TRUE Tea Connoisseur’s Tell Tale Sign!

It’s not the outwardly-extended pinky whilst we drink the tea, NO!

It’s the dangling, BAGGED tea bag’s stapled TAG & string which give the TRUE connoisseurs away!

Pay NO extra for a tea ball; NEVER ‘splurge’ on loose-leaf TEA, NO! THAT is WHY we ‘pay’ the slaves in HUGE paychecks equivalent to “less pain [wink] in YOUR future…”, isn’t it?!!


It’s So Sad…

This song ADDS so much to the day that my daddy DROPPED me off at a corner, saying, as though ‘they’ would be triumphant, and I would be the FODDER they, by then, would have RID themselves OF, “Son! I, hereby, RID myself of YOU!”

Like a vicious angler, I YANKED the fishing line, after “the hook” was SET, and asked, “Daddy? This is Red Man’s Land! Where did you THINK you were GOING?”


“FOR one BRIEF & shining MOMENT, there was Camel… We INTERRUPT this broadcast for SOME TRUTH!”


“The JFK Administration is ONGOING… YOU STUPID bi&ches!”

“Squad! ATTENTION: Middle FINGERS up! Salute!”

“HELL hath no fury…”

“… like a bi&ch scorned…” [blush].

“CRAP! THAT came out COMPLETELY wrong; [wink, grin] I luv you.. you KNOW I do, gurl!”

“Baby, it’s BEDtime; and, I’m erectivorous, [winks, licks corner of SUPPLE mouth] ya know? C’mon, now gurl… [singing] Have I tol’ you lately that I luv… [groans desperately] Just c’mere..!”

My Doorbell Don’t RING!

[Sign On My Door reads]

“No eres de mi tribu!”

[translation: “You are NOT of my Tribe!”]

London & Spain are on the OTHER side of The Atlantic from us; BEG Ellis Island to OUTPROCESS your DUMB asses for a RETURN! Go!

THIS is Red Man’s Land!

YOUR God has NEVER made us Catholic, Muslim, or JEWS!

[pointing Eastward] “Just GO! He’ll SAVE you; OR, He won’t..!!!”

“Papa Elder?”, My Tribe’s Youth Ask Of Me…

“Did curious envidiosas¬†ever exist & cross ENTIRE oceans to find out WHY our Creator has blessed us with such innocence, peace, and tribal love?”

I smile in answer, “NOPE! They crossed the ocean and STOMPED on a garden rake! It was like a WALL which built itself ABRUPTLY in their FACES to bloody their noses! They then rethought their motives, and RETURNED to their homes, to PRAY to our Creator! Tell your future great-great-grandchildren THIS as well; perhaps, one day, ‘the invaders’ will discontinue their curiosity of the INNOCENCE with which He continues to BLESS us! Now, PASS the gold; I’m starving!”

[middle fingers UP toward Spain, England, Vatican City, Israel, and others]

“THIS is Red Man’s Land!”


10 more plagues, Israel? Okay, England: Super Mad Cow’s Disease; where they BREAK out of their stalls, and HOOF you in the SIDE of your HEADS! Okay..?

Recent Past-Life Regression Therapy

Has revealed UNTO me that I am a former KING of a nation called:

“Skate-Dinavia” because I & my people are our Creator’s beloved;

and, therefore we SKATE through life..!

[Aside] “Were I their current king, I’d have it NO other way!”

Bumper Sticker: “We make Jews envious!”


Don’t HANG with minimalists!

They’ll give FREELY from their cellar; but, they’ll demand a receipt, so that LATER they can claim that YOU are ‘their’ friend/associate!

“Yeah! Just don’t DO that..! They’ll claim you OWE them something…”


Back in the EARLY 1980s…

I paid $30 for an office visit to a family practitioner (doctor), Zdenek Zobal, in Schenectady County, in Upstate NY.

After about 8 minutes in private consult with him, he pointed to his door, indicating that I was FREE to go, and intercommed his receptionist to refund my money.

I slipped out of his exam room, and witnessed the receptionist handing me a $20 bill, and shoving a $10 into her bra. I smiled and blurted, “I ain’t goin’ after it; buy your boyfriend a drink. Maybe he’ll say ‘yes’..!”

She replied, “I know, right..?”


“My grandpa was a doctor; so, I never needed to visit one…”

Every time we professed any ‘symptom’, grandpa said, “Shut up! Your body is YOURS; it is not THEIRS! Don’t make me dispense ‘faith’ to you..!”

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