To Her Majesty Of England…

“Bobby Downy Jr. Kennedy: Isn’t it someone ELSE’S turn to ‘hold coats’ during the NEXT stoning of Steven? Can we QUIT ‘this’ PRACTICE already??!!! THANKS!”


TRUE Tea Connoisseur’s Tell Tale Sign!

It’s not the outwardly-extended pinky whilst we drink the tea, NO!

It’s the dangling, BAGGED tea bag’s stapled TAG & string which give the TRUE connoisseurs away!

Pay NO extra for a tea ball; NEVER ‘splurge’ on loose-leaf TEA, NO! THAT is WHY we ‘pay’ the slaves in HUGE paychecks equivalent to “less pain [wink] in YOUR future…”, isn’t it?!!


It’s So Sad…

This song ADDS so much to the day that my daddy DROPPED me off at a corner, saying, as though ‘they’ would be triumphant, and I would be the FODDER they, by then, would have RID themselves OF, “Son! I, hereby, RID myself of YOU!”

Like a vicious angler, I YANKED the fishing line, after “the hook” was SET, and asked, “Daddy? This is Red Man’s Land! Where did you THINK you were GOING?”


“FOR one BRIEF & shining MOMENT, there was Camel… We INTERRUPT this broadcast for SOME TRUTH!”


“The JFK Administration is ONGOING… YOU STUPID bi&ches!”

“Squad! ATTENTION: Middle FINGERS up! Salute!”

“HELL hath no fury…”

“… like a bi&ch scorned…” [blush].

“CRAP! THAT came out COMPLETELY wrong; [wink, grin] I luv you.. you KNOW I do, gurl!”

“Baby, it’s BEDtime; and, I’m erectivorous, [winks, licks corner of SUPPLE mouth] ya know? C’mon, now gurl… [singing] Have I tol’ you lately that I luv… [groans desperately] Just c’mere..!”

My Doorbell Don’t RING!

[Sign On My Door reads]

“No eres de mi tribu!”

[translation: “You are NOT of my Tribe!”]

London & Spain are on the OTHER side of The Atlantic from us; BEG Ellis Island to OUTPROCESS your DUMB asses for a RETURN! Go!

THIS is Red Man’s Land!

YOUR God has NEVER made us Catholic, Muslim, or JEWS!

[pointing Eastward] “Just GO! He’ll SAVE you; OR, He won’t..!!!”

Recent Past-Life Regression Therapy

Has revealed UNTO me that I am a former KING of a nation called:

“Skate-Dinavia” because I & my people are our Creator’s beloved;

and, therefore we SKATE through life..!

[Aside] “Were I their current king, I’d have it NO other way!”

Bumper Sticker: “We make Jews envious!”


Blessing, by MISpronunciation!

I blurted, “SoƱarita..! A moment, perhaps?”

TRANSLATION: Abrupt Woman Of My Dreams…DANG! (roughly)..

“Thank You, Father of us ALL… that we didn’t wind up an INK blot which you’d LATER ENSLAVE & PURGE ThyImmediateSelf OF in order to “blot out” THIS particular ‘blemish’ in (your) [hiccup] (Watch Your Nostrils! I KNOW this part) Thy Majesty’s CASE which SHALL ‘try’ You for #BLASPHEMY .. Have I got that ‘right’, Sir? [aside, to collegueas] “Is ‘this’ guy for REAL? (giggling) he thinks he’s OUR Creator… and He’s wondering why Cotton Juneaux Wood ‘chose’ to have us SHAME ourselfes to’graciously’ AWAKEN Him here… now…??? Anyone???”

[brightens] “WAIT! SHUT that thing OFF! WITH their HEADS, AND a beer!”’s%20NOT%20about%20’forcing’%20them%20to%20reacquaint%20themselves%20with%20the%20SOIL%20beneiath%20the%20FEET%20of%20their%20ancestors%2C%20whom%20they%20autistically%20’fail%20to%20mention’%20that%20they%20are%20IN%20CONCONSTANT%20COMMUNICATION%20WITH…%20for%20the%20’continuation’%20of%20the%20existance%20of%20all%20of%20us%20NOISY%20people%20on%20God’s%20’intercom’%20system%2C%20aligned%20to%20beackon%20to%20ALL%20of%20us%2C%20LIKE%20Himself%2C%20who%20may%20be%20a%20TAD%20’alert’%20%5Bahem%5D%20no%20one%20likes%20LERTS!%20%5Btips%20hat%5D%20ma’am…%5Bthumb%20%26%20pinky%20in%20SHAPE%20of%20phone%2C%20a%20’call%20you’%20on%20his%20lips%5D%20%20%20%20*****%20END%20OF%20SCENE%22I%20said%20’COFFEE’%2C%20danm%20IT!%20%5Baside%5D%20I%20DID%20get%20a%20RECEIPT%20fot%20the%20%22Combo%20Pack%22…%20Oooh…%20HWER%20WE%20GOWENT…!!!


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