Want An Apocalypse?

READ this:

The Apocalyptic Decision

TRUE Tea Connoisseur’s Tell Tale Sign!

It’s not the outwardly-extended pinky whilst we drink the tea, NO!

It’s the dangling, BAGGED tea bag’s stapled TAG & string which give the TRUE connoisseurs away!

Pay NO extra for a tea ball; NEVER ‘splurge’ on loose-leaf TEA, NO! THAT is WHY we ‘pay’ the slaves in HUGE paychecks equivalent to “less pain [wink] in YOUR future…”, isn’t it?!!


At My Kingdom’s Bi-Monthly Fortnight Feast

Me: [wrinkled forehead, looking questioningly] “Are you DRUNK?”

You: “Sir, NO sir! I abstain from alcohol, sir…!”

Me: “Well, you DO know that this feast is only for 14 days, right? For the NEXT 16 days, food & alcohol will NOT be free.. [shrug]; however, if you get to Heaven before any of us drunkards do, tell God we’re ON OUR WAY!”

Why Is It Always Harry…

And not William, who makes it into the public eye?

Why does she REFUSE to abdicate?

She should abdicate to William… [folds arms across chest]

“I ain’t sayin’ no more, in English!”

[raises hand, shouting]

“Oh… OH! Pick me for the office of “Prince Of Wales”! I know the English language well enough to understand their disparagement of the Welsh in front of you all, and in front of everyone whom they deem to be their slaves; but, I puh-ROMISE to not speak a word of English to the Welsh. I will learn your language, I will listen to the ‘demands’ & proclamations of the hoity-toity English, and I will translate their IDIOCY into either Welsh or Latin… upon your ears!”

[aside] “Basically, ‘they’ believe that they’ve successfully DUPED you. How VOTE ye?” [guffaw]

The Adoptable Arabian Prince

I cannot land a kite by rising above it, and shouting either admonition or threats at it from above; I can only live in its palace, and counsel it as to what it is doing incorrectly!

To Xtians:

The “End Of The World” may not be as near as prophets proclaim it to be… [shrug] yeah…. sorry!

If England Has EVER Crossed Oceans…

To ‘conquer’ us in Red Man’s Land, I’d say UNTO them (the FARGIN’ English):

“NO ONE HAS EVER demanded England’s PRESENCE, hereupon… DID we?!!!”

Tarzan HATES England.. ALWAYS!

“Akut… TAKE them ALL out!! … YESTERDAY!!!!!”

[rubber stamp]

“THUS saith Tarzan..”

[yaddah, yaddah, yaddah]

To Horror & Thriller Readers… Or, Not!

Here’s an audio to which you may desire to listen, whether ‘horror’ & ‘thriller’ are your preferred genres; or, and especially, if they¬† are your preferred genres to AVOID:

It’s 28+ minutes; LISTEN, it’s at:



CORRECTION: “oppression” is spelt as within the quotation marks; not ONE p.. sorry!

AND, WATCH these… for inspiration:

“Ain’t NO ‘sidewalk chalk’ campaign, here, IS there…?”



To the ‘religious’ :

“Yeah, [shrug] sorry; no one ever showed up to the TENT meetings which you authorized (or, OPPRESSED for) us to oversee. For, whilst you were away, recruiting others, all of your would-be future ‘subscribers’ came to attend your “recruitment ceremony”, and were DISMAYED at your BLATANT tactics. ALSO, they’ve returned to your headquarters to WITHDRAW their ‘support’ of your [clears throat] ‘ministry’; we suppose that THIS was DUE to your COMPLETE lack of obedience to the SYSTEMS in place UNDER our feet to which Our Creator had ALREADY given His approval of by way of a “Very Good” ALL 6 days of its Creation, BEFORE He cast out of His “heaven” ALL 1/3 of His Own angels, in whose midst you OBVIOUSLY are! Good DAY, sirs! [low bows].”

  • hunkering DOWN into Earth will NOT ‘get you to Heaven’ today; but, NEITHER will it DRAG you to any Lake Of Fire in THIS Century!
  • ¬†“Good Luck to The Meek; but, NOT SO MUCH to those who AREN’T!”



“Plate It Up; We’ll Eat It!”

“Because ain’t NOTHING here will EVER appeal to Donald J. Trump; NOR to his followers! We’re HERE to ‘inherit the Earth’; which DOMAIN has NEVER ‘appealed’ to them…!”

[king wave]

“Bye! Go, inherit ELSEWHERE, we PREFER meekness & Earth, from WHENCE we came!” [middle fingers UP] “GoodBYE, idiots… TAKE yer BITCH mamas WITH you!”

[middle fingers UP]

“The Meek (non-Jew via Muslim, Judaism, OR Xtian) WILL ‘inherit’ Earth.. BYE!”

You ‘prefered’ VAGINAS; we prefered God, Our Father, and The Cabbage Patch!

“On Earth, As It Is In Heaven…”

ASK better questions!

Shingle On Door

Entry 2 of 3…


Shingle on door:

“Hostage Negotiators’ Counsellor”


Come here b4 you strap on the bulletproof vest to head out to a hostage negotiation scene, and be prepared to give the hostage-taker ONLY these 2 options:

A. “When ‘this’ has ended, after ALL of your hostages are either DEAD or rescued, I’m gonna PRESS my handgun 3 inches away from your skull, and give you a handful of words BEFORE I squeeze my trigger!”

B. “Listen Well; these options are many:

B1. “Let go of the NEED to kill any hostages to get the attention of the heads of the systems which are already in place in your community which were designed to ASSIST you to obtain your depraved needs.”

B2. Let go of the NEED to TAKE any hostages to get the attention of those who, 9 to 5, get PAID to assist IDIOTS like you, who have the same needs as you… “Don’t isolate yourself, dumbass; LOOK around you! You’re NOT the only one! MAKE some friends, already..!!!”

B3. “Let go of COMPARING your own situation with the HOPEFUL & dreamy professions of those around you who only WISH that they weren’t as desperate OR as desolate as yourself; they’re already LYING to themselves! You needn’t BELIEVE them!!”

B4: “Hunker down, and ASK someone for some HELP, already..!!!”

WHAT “handful of words” will you hear in Option A, JUST before the negotiator SQUEEZES his/her TRIGGER?

“You should’ve listened when I was giving you Option B; for, I believe in reincarnation, and I hope that you awaken in either a PINK or a BLUE nursery in your NEXT life… perhaps then, you’ll be ready to LISTEN to your elders & LEARN the ways of the system in which you then will LIVE, goodbye… [click] BANG!”

“AND, if all of your hostages are already dead, then – through reincarnation – they’ll be back, too; but, hopefully, NOT in the same nursery as YOU! [guffaw].”

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